Obvodny Canal Saint Petersburg

Image by Hugo Palomino

Obvodny Canal – The industrial city

Saint Petersburg is full of touristic places, leaving others that are just part of the daily life of the city inhabitants with little attention. Those are the places where I enjoy to take a walk around taking some pics. Among them, the Obvodny canal, one of the longest in the city, is one my favorites.

Why? Probably because of the industrial condition from the end of the 19th century and the red-brick factories and the metal bridges, so far from the aristocratic ones over the Fontanka and Moika canal in style, but just a kilometer away from them.

The story began with the order to build it, still in the 18th century, joining the Alexander Nevsky Monastery with the shipyards on the mouth of the Neva river. Since then and probably because of its being used as a city border for more than a century, dark and phantasmagorical stories about the canal began to spread, and truly, especially in the foggy days of autumn and winter, it’s possible to get the inexplicable feeling that something strange happened here…

The wide riverside is also inviting to ride along by bicycle especially on the way to Sennaya square market, as I do almost weekly, when the weather isn’t too harsh.

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Obvodniy channel embankment, Saint Petersburg

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