Postal Workers’ Club – Sending parcels to god

Postal Workers' Club Saint Petersburg

Image by Elena Truskova

Postal Workers’ Club – Sending parcels to god

Once upon a time, when I was almost 16, I was coming back to St. Petersburg from Moscow, where I was born, for school holidays. One of my pen pals asked me if I wanted to join the party at the nightclub. Of course I did!

My acquaintances took me to the “Courier” disco bar. It was a weirdly painted, suffocating, small club on the top of the interesting grey building not far from Isaak Cathedral.

Then I graduated and moved to St. Petersburg for good. One day I walked through the city and got the feeling I remember this weird grey building. What’s the name on it… Postal Workers’ Club? It reminds me of… Yeah, that’s right! The “Courier” club could emerge only here. On my way home I started investigating.

The German Reformed Church was built in 1865, the red brick building in pseudo-Romanesque was home for the pastor and welcoming place for the community lived in St. Petersburg. But in 1940, the Soviet government decided to not only destroy the building but to use its walls to create the place for postal workers to hang out. Now it’s an amazing Constructivist building and I think it still holds some memories so the air around it is a little… I’d say unusual. Come feel it.

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Bolshaya Morskaya st., 58, Saint Petersburg

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24 hours daily


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