Repina Street Saint Petersburg

Image by Elena Truskova

Repina Street – Unusual road on the island

I love the Vassilyevsky Island area. It’s so open to the wind in the sunny weather during weekends and has beautiful spots to explore and embankments to walk through on a sunny day. (Though it’s hard to live here on a daily basis because there is a lot of traffic and there are too many people trying to get into/from the subway stations during the peak hours.)

One of the interesting places to wander around here is Repina Street. It is non-touristic and you can easily dive into the atmosphere of quiet, non-pomp St. Petersburg where the everyday life goes on in the stone-paved streets. Come look into famous well-yards or just imagine ladies in hoop skirts and dandies with canes and top hats taking nice walks right here, in the silence of a time machine in our minds.

The width of the street is 5.6 m and it’s the narrowest named street in the city. Historically speaking, it once connected the street market (now there’s a garden with a fountain) and the French district where French and German citizens lived by the decree of Peter the Great.

Also, don’t forget to check out graffitis on the walls if street art is your soft spot (which mine is, definitely).

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Repina st., Saint Petersburg

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