Rossi Street – Architectural perfection

Rossi Street Saint Petersburg

Image by Elena Truskova

Rossi Street – Architectural perfection

The architect Carlo Rossi was one of many Italian guys who built St. Petersburg as it looks like even now: slim classical buildings with perfect forms. We have one perfect street named after him which you might have seen in Les poupées Russes, themovie by Cédric Klapisch.

My mom keeps saying she doesn’t like neither Paris nor St. Petersburg because of ‘all the huge stone buildings and straight streets’ in those two cities (she lives in Moscow and I moved to St. Pete more than 10 years ago).

Well, that’s exactly what I love, so join me to Rossi street.

To get there from Nevsky you should go through Ekaterininsky garden near Nevsky (it’s the one with the statue of Ekaterina II) and then head to Alexandrinsky Theater where the street starts.

Rossi street is perfect any way you look at it: the width equals the height of the buildings on both sides — that would be 22 meters.

But that’s not all! The length is 220 meters: ten times the width. I enjoy walking there and being a part of this geometrical antique piece of beauty.

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Rossi street, Saint Petersburg

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