The Best Local Soviet Style Restaurants in Saint Petersburg

What was once a dismal city, Russia’s sovereign capital is today a bustling metropolis whose splendor never fails to impress, known for its wonderful rivers and canals, serene parks and striking museums.

Having built from the ground up by Peter the Great, St Petersburg has transpired from Moscow’s shadow and offers an alternative site to modern Russia. Where there’s modernity, there’s tradition, and what better way to get a taste of tradition than by indulging in the good old traditional Soviet style food?


(By Olga Samoilova)

Soviet style café Pirozhkovaya has been operating since the 1950s in Saint Petersburg. They serve the traditional Soviet favorites like roasted belyashi, egg in pastry amongst many other favorite fast bites – at affordable prices. This spot’s charm is the nostalgia in the white tiles on the walls, iron rails and middle aged ladies in white robes at the counter that brings you right back into the epitome of a USSR café as our Spotter Olga illustrates. This favorite local spot has been loyal to the Saint Petersburg locals for decades.


(By Ekaterina Kalinina)

A truly local Russian experience alone is simply indulging in pyshki. Our Spotter Ekaterina vividly describes these “crispy, fried, covered with sugar powder, donuts” of a Russian delicacy that will comfort your soul! That should speak for itself no? This cozy cafe has proved to be an enormously popular spot and providing you with a piece of USSR located in the historic center of the city. Beware though, because the café finds itself to be very busy later in the day, so coming from our insider Ekaterina herself, drop by between 9am-10am for a good kickstart to your day and the luxury of not having to wait so long for these fresh goodies.

Where to get pyshki? At a place called Pyshki of course!

Krupskaya confectionery

(By Olga Samoilova)

Krupskaya confectionery store may prove itself to be a pride to the city of St Petersburg, named after Vladimir Lenin’s wife. According to our Spotter Olga, you can find some of the best chocolate sweets here, amongst her favorite “Troika” bar of chocolate and also highly recommends trying the “mishka na severe” translated into the “Bear on the North”, serving as a classic must-try.


(By Ekaterina Kalinina)

Gosti is a cozy Russian restaurant and confectionery shop located by the Isaac Cathdral. This cozy spot offers a homey ambiance decorated with lampshades and plaques designed to make you feel like you’ve been invited into a cozy Russian home for dinner, making for a perfect place to celebrate a birthday or reunion. Our Spotter Ekaterina recommends the Napoleon cake with pears, especially considering this cake has placed first prize in the local confectionery competition, not to mention their delicious homemade cookies

Eliseev Merchants Shop

(By Olga Samoilova)

Eliseev Merchants Shop is certainly worth a visit not only for its huge variety of tea, coffee and dessert- not to mention a scrumptious breakfast and lunch set that is bound to have you satisfied- but also the history it carries, having survived the Soviet times, and ultimately gaining the “Food store #1 Central” title. Our Spotter Olga has described it to be an eventful place offering delicious gourmet food, wine and homemade pastries within its historic interiors that also has live music by an orchestra as a cherry on top of this experience.

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