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Keith Breitbach (1969)

About me
I have always enjoyed exploring great cities. It’s been my lifelong quest to discover the hidden charms, nuances and character of each place I’ve visited or called home.

I’ve been fortunate to work throughout the U.S. from the east coast to the pacific northwest and Hawaii. My wanderlust has inspired my adventures from hitchhiking Baja, scootering around Bali & exploring Barcelona. I now happily call the Bay Area my home base.

As a professional photographer, writer and media consultant, I happily share my discoveries with you.

Why San Francisco?
I love the San Francisco bay area and find it to be the number one city in the entire U.S.

While it may have its share of big city problems, to me San Francisco and the bay area remains a magical place where whimsical urban adventures, inspiring vistas, and gastronomical delights abound.

San Francisco is unlike any other American city because it’s only here where you will find such unique monumental landmarks, cable cars, views, architecture, fog and quirky characters commingling to create an unrivaled urban landscape.

Where can you find me online?
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