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Sandya Swamy (1982)

About me
I’m originally a native East-Coaster and have bounced my way across the country, growing up in Philadelphia, then attending college in Washington D.C., moving to Chicago for graduate school, and then making my way to San Francisco after a brief stint back in Philadelphia. My living history has also been peppered with time spent in Miami as well as India, Mexico and Spain.

What makes me very typical of a Bay Area resident? I work in tech! I hadn’t thought of tech as a sector I’d end up in, but Bay Area is to Tech as LA is to Entertainment and DC is to politics. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And yes, while you work hard, the benefits and perks are as ridiculous as you’ve heard.

In my spare time, I enjoy fitness and music- I’m an avid musician, have studied music nearly my entire life and continue to pursue that passion, occasionally performing locally.

Why San Francisco
I ended up in San Francisco in 2013, after I decided to transfer myself to the West Coast because I liked it here. Previously a hard-core East-Coaster and former New Yorker, I was drawn in by the more relaxed way of living, the healthier lifestyle and the abundance of outdoor activities. The large number of people moving here has also made it easy to find a community.

Along with the numerous, ever-changing and quirky set of things to do, just a few minutes out of the city (or even to the right spot within the city) I can feel like I’ve gone on vacation. An hour or two outside provides for an abundance of amazing day or weekend trips.

Where else can you find me online?

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