Jackson Place Café San Francisco

Image by Andrea Griffin

Jackson Place Café – Tucked away Italian café

Jackson Place Café is tucked away inside the Jackson Place courtyard in the Financial District. A free-standing little “house”, the inside of Jackson Place Café only has room for one or two people and they are the ones that work there. However, surrounding the outside of the café are historic brick buildings, potted palm trees and plenty of seating to enjoy an espresso or a panino out in the fresh air.

Jackson Place Café feels like a secret enchanted place. It’s known about by the people that work in the area but I never see anyone that looks like they’ve followed a map or a guide book to get there. The owner, Giovanni, is originally from Milan so whenever I can, I practice speaking Italian with him and he willingly obliges.

The last time I was at Jackson Place Salon, which directly faces Jackson Place Café, Giovanni walked in to the salon to give away a cappuccino that had been made but not claimed. Sometimes, he brings a plate of cookies at the end of the week – those are my favorite! Lui è un uomo molto gentile! He’s a very nice man!

So, if you’re looking for a little FiDi slice of San Francisco, be sure to stop by Jackson Place Café for a snack and a pick-me-up and come away feeling like a local.

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633 Battery Street, San Francisco

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00


Lunch Panini: US$ 9.75


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