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Lea Petrovic Numic (1981)

About me
I’m the kind of person who adores living and working in a loud and crowded environment. The passion for novelty is what keeps me going. I enjoy discovering unconventional places and hearing the stories of how and why they came to exist.

I’m active and curious. I love to explore new stuff and learn unusual facts about other cultures, places, animals and nature.

Being surrounded by creative and imaginative people who are keen on sharing their stories with me, plus a homemade meal and/or a glass of beer that I’ve never tasted before, is what I’d call time well spent.

Why Sarajevo
It’s a home-sweet-home kind of thing. Sarajevo has this magical ability to always bring me back into her arms, no matter how far away I try to go. I love her steep streets, the sounds of the old town, always-full cafes and bars and the big white snowflakes.

Her spirit is known as the synonym for welcomeness and warmth. She’s got an attitude and her ways of telling you how to cherish her. The people of Sarajevo are just the same. Sarajevo is a city of mixed cultures and religions. There are churches, mosques and synagogues that can be reached within the radius of a few tens of meters. On the same route, you’ll experience the vibrant city life atmosphere. I guess this is the reason why this city is a place of many creative ideas.

Where else can you find me online?”

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