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Maranta Vego (1986)

About me
I was born in Sarajevo, lived in Dubrovnik for a few years, came back home and I’ve lived here ever since. I’m a young architect, love walking and write in my spare time. After an interrail adventure in 2010 when I felt really free, I joined couchsurfing and decided to keep that traveling spirit fresh. Also, there was a secret agenda, to practice languages, listen to inspiring stories on how people live all over the world, spice up boring days on coffee with interesting people…searching for that good feeling when you make someone’s stay even more enjoyable. It is a positive circle of both giving and receiving.

When not traveling, I’m always exploring Sarajevo, looking for new places and spaces with the potential to become old and favourite both from a professional and personal point of view. I also love analog photography, a good mixture of soul and funk all the time and dancing through the night. Love a morning coffee at a café with newspapers on the side; I am a listener more than a talker; I like my moments of peace as well as hanging out with a bunch of noisy friends. Spontaneous moments are something I enjoy the most, served with good food and a bit of dark humor on the side. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or while traveling.

Why Sarajevo?

  • Sarajevo is hedonism, a relaxed way of living, sometimes even too relaxed; cosy and inviting, a bit unpretentious.
  • Sarajevo is walking around and very possibly, seeing at least two or three friends or acquaintances in a few minutes.
  • Sarajevo is the aroma of food and coffee, the everyday buzz in the city, loud talks.
  • Sarajevo is snow and childish moments.
  • Sarajevo is satrovacki – a common way of speaking by permuting syllables
  • Sarajevo is history.
  • Sarajevo is family and friends.
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