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Samra Ribić (1993)

About me
This is Sarajevo calling! I am an activist, constantly trying to change something in this messy world! I am also a writer, a photographer and soon to be a doctor!

I am passionate about traveling and I can’t live a month without at least a small trip to another Bosnian city.

I spend my working hours (paying for my travels) teaching English to Japanese people while deeply falling in love with the beauty of Far Eastern culture!

I think my mission in this world is to somehow combine medicine with traveling so one of my biggest dreams is to become a member of Doctors without Borders, where I would be able to approach and help people in real need.

I never stop wandering around! I am a very energetic person, meeting new people all the time!

With my articles, you will find the alternative side of Sarajevo — the places that are not the first but definitely the best choice!


Why Sarajevo
Sarajevo has been my home since the first moment I stepped on its ground! It has this beautiful vibe where you feel connected to the people around you without even talking to them.

It’s a city that has survived a lot so you have a lot to see.
Sarajevo is a friend, it hugs you and never disappoints you.
It’s a meeting point between East and West and without any doubt it’s a meeting point for having a great time!

Where else can you find me online?

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