Bazerdžan Sarajevo

Image by Lea Petrovic Numic

Bazerdžan – Handmade by locals

Once in a while, I get this urge to visit Baščaršija, the hot spot for tourists. It’s mostly when I feel exhausted from everyday life and my mind needs a recharge. This part of the city’s perfect for such a need because it’s so alive and vibrant and therefore does the job effectively. I enjoy walking around with no specific destination, just dwelling on the history and childhood memories (every family takes their kids to Baščaršija at least once a month). Somewhere in this touristic labyrinth inspired by the spirit of the Orient awaits Bazerdžan. It could be that I subconsciously headed there but pretend that I have no idea where I’m going 🙂

Bazerdžan is a concept store that showcases designers and artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a space where they are allowed to fully shine and seduce not only local but also foreign visitors. The goods that are to be found here are selected with care for quality, authenticity, and love for detail. They are very different from what you’d see in other stores, and the overall experience of visiting this place is one of a kind.

Once you enter this creative space, you’re in great danger to fall in love with it and start spending your money on these charming goods and feel pleased to do so. Be sure that the young women working there will help you with the selection while having an interesting chat with you.

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Details about this spot



Ćurčiluk veliki 12, Sarajevo

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 11:00 - 19:00


Stećak earrings: BAM 25


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