Delikatesna Radnja Sarajevo

Image by Lea Petrovic Numic

Delikatesna Radnja – The “Shopping Window”

The official name of this wine bar is Delikatesna Radnja which means delicatessen or deli in short, but the regulars call it The Shopping Window. I prefer the name The Shopping Window because it’s connected to this place’s story – make yourself visible, promote what you’ve got, talk business, exhibit. Or simply come here, get your favourite seat, wait for your friend(s) to arrive, have your drink or meal (or both) and chill.

The Shopping Window is an easy-going place where the majority of regulars are people from the showbiz. Many local and local-gone-international bohos are likely to be seen here having their favourite drink, at their favourite, time of the day sitting at their favourite table.

I like to start with a coffee and a conversation with the person(s) I have come here with and let it go with the flow. Soon there’ll be more people at the table and therefore more topics to talk about.

It can easily happen that a chill-out afternoon coffee turns into a whole evening out having delicious snacks and tasting some wine or domestic rakija tuned into the sounds of a pop-up DJ set. Like this, having a good time with dear people in a truly relaxing atmosphere is guaranteed.

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Details about this spot



Obala Kulina bana 10, Sarajevo

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 23:00


Glass of wine: BAM 6

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