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Image by Saša Džino

Saša Džino – Little book corner of horrors

Right now in the present time, there is an amazing young man who has a peculiar way of writing and promoting his work. He’s a graphic artist, writer, illustrator, an interesting conversation partner, and a one-man-bookstore. He writes horror and has published four books so far. This might not sound so impressive if it hadn’t happened in Bosnia-Herzegovina where this genre is so unusual that the only author we have is Saša Džino himself. Another obstacle standing in his way is the non-existent interest of the publishers for young authors, especially those writing creepy, dark, controversial stories. But he, together with another young author by the name of Boris Lalić, has found a way to get to the readers.

They’re independent publishers whose bookstore is the street. What a brilliant way to come closer to the audience and a great opportunity for us to meet the authors. I’m a fan of Saša’s and fancy visiting the little corner of horrors, located right in front of Academy of Applied Arts, to have an inspiring conversation with him be it about his books or any other topic that pops up at the moment. 

If the day is dry and it’s the afternoon, you might see a guy (or two) with a black suitcase filled with books, and for more info, fans follow posts on social media. Feel free to stop by and start a conversation. But beware, you might become an inspiration for a new character in some of the upcoming books.

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Obala Maka Dizdara 3, Sarajevo

Opening Times

Usually between 12:00 and 16:00


Horror book: BAM 10

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