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Spotted by Locals has started Spotted by Locals Sarajevo, to help more people discover your city and country. We want to help move tourism from touristy cities to less-visited amazing cities like Sarajevo. As a Spotter, you’ll help make this happen!

You write about your favorite spots in Sarajevo. You will show travelers (and fellow locals!) your city beyond the tourist highlights. You can help support your favorite local entrepreneurs.

What do we require from you?

When you start as a Spotter we ask you to write about your favorite 20 spots, and keep your articles up-to-date.

It’s our job to make it fun and easy to be a Spotter. You don’t need to be fluent in English – we have an editor who will check all your articles and help you. We created a simple website where you write and manage your articles, and we take care of the publishing (on this blog and in our app) and promotion of your articles.

What’s in it for you?

Consider this a volunteer opportunity. You will be entitled to a share of the income of the Sarajevo blog & app, but we think it’s important that you are motivated by other factors.

First of all, you’ll make our users – people who are genuinely interested in your culture – very happy with your tips. You’ll help reduce overtourism, and support local entrepreneurs by writing about them. Also, you’ll join an awesome community of Spotters! Read more about us and our mission here.

You’ll get free access to all cities in our app. And finally, of course you’re free to promote your website and/or social media accounts on your profile page.

Get in touch!

Sounds interesting? Do you live within the city borders of Sarajevo, and speak one of the official languages? Great!

Please apply by filling out the form here!

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