Stećak Tombstones Sarajevo

Image by Naida Kurdija

Stećak Tombstones – Cultural heritage of pride

Standing tall and raising a clean hand (being intact as a moral person) has always been my life goal, my true motivation and inspiration. Regardless of the present setting of life values and goals.

That is why the Bosnian Tombstone (Stećak) is so important to me.

These tombstones are unique spiritual, artistic and cultural phenomenon that are endemic for Bosnia and Herzegovina and are part of its heritage.

It is on the UNESCO list of protected cultural and historical monuments so it is not just a local perspective on its value.

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a great display of different tombs, and they exhibit the most valuable specimens. Whether you are a tourist or a local, this is a place you must visit.

Stećak is a kind of medieval tombstone, decorated with rudimentary paintings and engraved epitaphs of very interesting content. The most common motifs are human and floral depictions, but for the cultural and artistic tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most significant are the epitaphs.

A standing man with a raised hand is the most popular engravement on the stones.

“What did Bosnian men on the Stećak do? They stood tall. Nobody, nowhere has ever found a tomb on which Bosnian men kneel or bow.” Miroslav Krleža, famous writer.
That is why these monuments are so powerful to me and such a great life guideline for a man of today. That’s why they represent so much pride.

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