Žara iz Duvara Sarajevo

Image by Lea Petrovic Numic

Žara iz Duvara – Stinging nettle is yummy!

When I first stepped inside this small and extremely cosy restaurant, it happened by accident. I was out with a small group of friends intending to eat at some other restaurant. We got to the place we had in our minds, sat inside, read the menu, didn’t feel like it and didn’t like the atmosphere so we left not knowing where to go. Hungry and disappointed, we thought we’d lost our mood but one of the friends remembered this nearby, and at the time newly opened, restaurant serving traditional Bosnian food with quite the creative addition of the recognizable flavour of nettle and wild mountain herbs.

I usually avoid places that focus on traditional Bosnian food because it’s mostly meat-based. But when I saw how cute and inviting Žara iz Duvara looked from the outside, I decided to give it a try, hoping I would find something I could eat.

The decision was more than justified! And yes, they do have meals for us, non-animal product eaters. Actually, they have several vegetarian/vegan options. This place praises the benefits of stinging nettle (žara) and other herbs which is noticeable in the restaurant’s traditional Bosnian interior where the dominant colour is green.

Details like crochet, lace curtains, the smell of the freshly brewed coffee and authentic sahans in which the food is served put together the perfect ambience. The pleasant home-like atmosphere makes me feel like I have come for Sunday lunch to my grandmother’s.

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Details about this spot



Petrakijina 1, Sarajevo

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 14:00 - 23:00, Sun 18:00 - 23:00


Doughnuts : BAM 10


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