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Nicoline Miller (1970)

About me
I’m Nicoline, lawyer/writer, married to a great fellow adventurer, mother of three and a goldendoodle puppy. An experienced traveler and cosmopolite, I was born in Denmark, grew up in Brussels and Mexico City, and have since lived in Paris, Geneva, Copenhagen and now Seattle.

I’m an avid long distance runner (a great way to see A LOT of any new city), a voracious reader and culture consumer, foodie, and newly turned outdoorsy lover of hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and skiing.

Why Seattle
Seattle is strangely very like my home country and far different at the same time. The relaxed atmosphere, love of good food and culture, mindedness of the environment and local sourcing and the social and civil engagement of many Seattleites feels very Scandinavian. The nature surrounding the Emerald City, though, is something else!

Coming from a pancake-flat country, I never tire of seeing Mt. Rainier from my bedroom window on a clear day, or the sudden sighting of the Puget Sound framed by the Olympics or of the snow-topped Cascades when I find myself driving on top of one of Seattle’s seven hills. And really, the rain isn’t that bad – way worth the long and epic summers!

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