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Rachel Lucus (1994)

About me
I’m Rachel, a student at the University of Washington who dreams of traveling the world. I grew up in Memphis, TN but have lived in Seattle three different times. Our last move to Seattle was in 2011, so I now call Seattle home.

I’ve been to over 20 countries and hope to add to that number in the coming years. I love experiencing new food and new cultures within Seattle as well.

Why Seattle?
Seattle is great because of the variety of things it has to offer. If you are passionate about art, there is local art. If you are passionate about food, there is local food. If you are passionate about sports, there are local sports. There is something for everyone in this city.

Also, if you notice, the word local has been used a lot…Seattleites love local stores, restaurants, and everything else as opposed to big chains so it’s fun to discover all the local businesses.

Where can you find me online?
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