Hat 'n' Boots (Oxbow Park) Seattle

Image by Nicoline Miller

Hat ‘n’ Boots (Oxbow Park) – Iconic landmark

The Pacific Northwest is not exactly known for wild west paraphernalia, so you might be inclined to rub your eyes if you stumble upon the Hat ’n’ Boots in the small Oxbow Park in South Seattle.
Located in the heart of the historic Georgetown neighborhood, Oxbow Park, or “Hat ‘n’ Boots”, as it is known to the locals, is a famous landmark of South Seattle that features a couple of strange items: an oversized bright red cowboy hat and a pair of giant immaculate cowboy boots, sitting in the park amidst its more conventional playground. The remains of the cowboy-themed gas station “Premium Tex” built in 1954 and decorated by the artist Lewis Nasmyth, hired to “rustle up” the design, the 19 feet tall and 44 feet wide red hat used to shelter the station office, while the 22-ft high boots were “Cowboys and Cowgirls” bathrooms (the slightly smaller one was for the ladies).
The Hat n’ Boots opened to a stampede of customers, making it the biggest selling station in the state for a time. Legend has it that Elvis dropped by when he was in town during the World’s Fair in ’62. But in the early ’60s the I-5, a brand-new interstate, started diverting traffic away from the station, and by the late ’80s it pretty much looked like trail’s end for the Hat ‘n’ Boots. A local community council raised funds to help save Hat ‘n’ Boots, which in 2003 were moved to Oxbow Park and later restored to its former glory.

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6430 Corson Avenue South, Seattle

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04:00 - 23:30 daily




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