Little Free Library Seattle

Image by Daniel Lim

Little Free Library – Neighborhood knowledge nooks

Take a book, leave a book. Walking throughout the neighborhoods in Seattle be on the look out for little book cubbies in various shapes and forms. The uniqueness of each one makes it fun to spot them. Some might look like a giant bird house or a repurposed wine chiller but they all hold free books left by the neighbors. They are free for anyone to take and their motto is take a book, leave a book. You never know what you’ll find! I never paid attention to these libraries but on my most recent travel I was in need of some reading material and realized how nice it would have been to have one of these libraries around. 

Although I have only noticed these in Seattle they apparently exist in a lot of cities which you can check out on the website listed. These are the one that have been registered on the map but there are likely many more renegade “local” ones that you will just have to discover yourself!

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