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Milstead & Co. Coffee – My favorite post-run coffee

Seattle is known as the home of grunge music, leading tech companies… and damn good coffee! Resist your urge to head to the nearest Starbucks (although I guess we can thank them for making espresso and lattes ubiquitous in the US and the rest of the world outside Italy and France), and head to one of the small independent coffee roasters in town.

On Fridays, around 6-7am, you will find me running around Lake Union with my run buds from the Seattle Green Lake Running Club. The go-to place for our after-run coffee and socializing is Milstead’s on N 34th St in Fremont, arguably one of the best coffee spots in the city. Milstead’s just moved to a new location in a hip office building just beneath the “Troll bridge” – a very convenient place to quench your coffee thirst after having visited the Fremont troll.

The baristas are hipster cool in the Fremont-kind-of-way, but super friendly, and offer excellent service. After a 6-mile run you deserve not only a good whole milk latte, but also one of their delicious pastries – I usually alternate between a morning glory muffin and a loaf of golden zucchini bread. They serve a variety of drinks with vegan milk-substitute alternatives.

BTW – we meet every Friday morning at 6am outside Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont – whether you’re a local or just here for a visit – come join us for a run and a coffee afterwards at Milstead’s.

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754 N 34th St, Seattle

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 06:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 07:00 - 18:00


12 oz latte: USD 4.45


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