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Vladimir Ristevski

About me
Digital Marketing Expert and Speaker/Trainer, Amateur Photographer, Professional Translator/Interpreter, Writer, Columnist, Night-Life Addict, Coffee and Food Enthusiast… all in all a person driven by creative work.

After years of experience in many different fields and numerous companies I’ve finally found my place doing what I love and working with like-minded creative and ambitious people. You can find me across the web – there isn’t a place (social network) that I haven’t occupied :).

Why Skopje
I love Skopje for the hidden places that can give you some peace and quiet amidst all the chaos of modern life and the loud places in the quietest of surroundings.

Skopje is driven by its high spirited people known for their hospitality, love of food, coffee, good drink and energetic partying. Skopje is where everybody fits in, Skopje is my city, but I’m willing to share.

Where can you find me online?

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