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Image by Valjon Ibraimi

Furna Chair – Best bakery at night

Imagine you have an amazing night in Skopje: bars, disco… it is 3 or 5 am and you are hungry.

The solution is a 100-denar (1.60 Euros) taxi drive to one of the oldest bakeries in Skopje – Furna Chair. No mater who you ask, just say “Furna Chair” and they will take you there. Just please don’t walk to the bakery at night, it is 39 minutes walk from the City Center through dark neighborhoods.

But — why am I recommending this amazing old bakery in the middle of the night?

1. Tradition: Furna Chair has existed since even before my grandfather was born, in the same neighborhood. It is know for great quality burek, simit, banicki.. don’t worry if you don’t understand these words; only after your first visit in Skopje will you know all of them!

2. Fresh in the night: Furna Chair starts working around 20:00 and works through all the night, so when you arrive around 3 or 5am, all of the food will be HOT and FRESH.

The prices are normal for Macedonian standards and you can have a complete meal for 1.5 to 2 euros. For example, one burek is just around 40 denars (60 cents).

*The magic in Furna Chair is that they bake everything right in front of you, so you can have the complete experience — the smell, view, and amazing hot bakeries in the middle of the night.

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Details about this spot



Cvetan Dimov 31, Skopje

Opening Times

20:30 - 14:00 daily


Burek: MKD 40

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