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Music Store Gievski – Sound of tradition

I am not a musician and don’t know to play, but from an early age I’ve been totally in love with music. Nothing has changed today. I’m always searching for some new sounds, but always come back to our tradition. There are just a few music shops in Skopje and usually they offer electronic and acoustic musical instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards… The only one where I go to feel the magic of the sound of traditional instruments is the music store “Gievski”, located in one of the charming streets in Skopje’s Old Bazaar.

In this magical place, I can find instruments typical for our country like kaval, gajda, dajre, zurla, tapan, tambura and also watch the process of their making. The two artisan brothers Dimitar and Ljubomir use just their hands and tools to create masterpieces. So there are big pieces of wood ready to be transformed into sound, shavings all around, strings and many different kinds of tools.

Still, their tambura is their specialty and they make some of the best in Europe. Many of their instruments have been used for performances in the Wiener Philarmoniker and famous musicians have played on them. The artisans at “Gievski” music store nurture and continue our traditional music culture through generations. That’s why this place and the art they do are very important for me, and I want to drop by as often as I can.

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Kujundjiska, Skopje

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