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Pastry Shop Apce – Best boza ever

As my favorite pastry shop in Skopje I choose one of the oldest in the Balkans, called Apce, which has attained cult status in town. Unlike other newer pastry shops, Apce has been loyal to the same menu for years, which includes traditional Balkan sweets like: kadaif, ekleri, indijanki, baklava, padobranci, orasnici and many others. They are a cure for the senses and that’s why it’s called “Apche,: the Turkish word for cure.

This pastry shop uses old recopies inherited from generations before and always has the same authentic taste, especially the famous drink Boza. For someone who has never tried this drink, the first sip will have a strange taste, but after that the drink will have a refreshing effect on you. Boza cannot compare with any other drink, neither with its taste, nor texture and consistency. That’s why I am a regular customer in this pastry shop. But not just me: also thousands of other Boza lovers in town. I enjoy the taste of mixed Boza and Borovnica, typical for pastry shops like this one, a fine mix after a sweet desert.

Apce’s interior, just like the recipes, has not changed over the years. In winter, I love eating my sweets inside, hidden behind the big glass windows, and in spring and summer I have my feast outside on the modest aluminum tables. But nothing is more important than the moments of exaltation from the taste of the traditional sweets and drinks.

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Kosturski Heroi 22, Skopje

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08:00 - 00:00 daily


Ekler: MKD 50

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