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UltimateFit Alebras – UltimateFit getaway

To many people ultimate fit seems like a very hard discipline, but for me it is one of the best! Not only you can get an awesome figure and muscle definition, stamina and much more, but it is also great for overcoming your own mental barriers and becoming much more resilient and strong. Ultimate fit helps me explore all of my body and mind limits and to expand them, which helps me in everyday life.

A perfect place for me to start and try this sport was (and still is) the UltimateFit Center “Alebras”, located in the building of the high school “Josip Broz Tito” in the heart of Skopje. Their program and concept of exercising is flexible and adaptable to all groups of trainees: there are beginner and advanced groups, male and female ultimate fitters.

Both instructors Emil Stankov and Igor Minarkov are very dedicated to all of the trainees, they introduce them to the world of ultimate fit and advise them about each one of the exercises. Their creativity is also shown in the concept of the classes. That way, each day is a new, different experience. I never know what kind of exercises await me written on the white table in the gym, and that brings a lot of excitement.

Good energy and vibrations are constantly flowing, so the one-hour training session is truly a wonderful pleasure. It feels like this is the perfect place to balance your yin and yang and to get an awesome figure!

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Details about this spot



Freedom Square, Skopje

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Opening Times

18:00 - 20:00 daily


Membership fee: MKD 1500

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