Vardar River Esplanade Skopje

Image by Gordana Nastevska Manasijeska

Vardar River Esplanade – A quiet experience

Only a 5-minute walking distance from main square “Macedonia”, there is an old part of Vardar river’s esplanade, one of the few parts in Skopje that have stayed untouched by modern architecture.

Tourists often frequent the new esplanade where all the restaurants and coffee shops are located, but the old part offers so much more. I always go there when I have the urge and need for air, peace, quiet, open skies, space, and a wide view to the Shar Planina mountains. At this time of year this place is just pure magic.

Located right behind the Government building, on the left side of the river, this spot is a connection between the city center and the city park. Its beauty has stayed the same, preserved from the early ’60s of the 20th century when it was build. It was a main gathering spot for young people to meet and hang out in the past. Until today, I can feel that romantic atmosphere, especially at this time of the year when the fall arrives, the big trees and all paths are fully covered with yellow, orange, red and only a few green leafs.

Right now it’s one of the quietest places in central Skopje. I truly enjoy this space, the big colorful trees and blue sky. There is no city noise, no high buildings, few people. While sitting on the wooden benches, I sometimes take a deep breath, watch the river stream moving, clouds floating, or just read a book.

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Parc de la Francophonie, Skopje

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24 hours daily


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