Halite Sofia

Image by Boyko Blagoev

Halite – The covered market

The covered market of Sofia, Halite. You’ve seen one in almost all the European capitals – Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona, Nagycsarnok in Budapest or what used to be Les Halles de Paris.

It’s a place where you can usually find a variety of local produce, pastries, meats, spices, and spirits. Sometimes even local souvenirs. Those markets usually go way back in history and Sofia’s is not an exception. It was opened back in 1911 close to a place where an old open-air market took place right in the heart of what used to be a really small town back then.

The building was closed for renovation in 1988 and it took 12 years for it to get back in business. But it was worth the wait – even if you don’t plan on shopping, you should stop by Bulgarian architect Naum Torbov’s finest work for some photos. The facade has been returned to its past glory.

Inside the building there are also sights to check out – downstairs you can find remains of the old city centre of Serdica (the Roman name of Sofia). Right next to a cafe. In the back on the ground floor there’s also an old pendulum clock which could still tell you if you are late for a meeting.

Even more, Sofia Central Market Hall is located right between the mosque and the synagogue of the city so your sightseeing could continue with these place of worship.

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Details about this spot



Mariya Luisa 25, Sofia

Opening Times

08:00 - 20:00 daily


Olives (kg): BGN 2
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