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Susanna from Stockholm

Board game geek and design-junkie, warm and loud. I love Stockholm because it’...

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I don’t recall the first time I ever played a board game, but I do remember the first time I beat my dad in one. Oh the sweet sensation of victory! Now, at age 33, I’ve learned to appreciate the actual gameplay more than winning (well, almost) and board gaming has become one of my main interests. I’m blessed to live in a city with wonderful geek spots for a board-gamer like me. One of my absolute favorites is Dragon’s lair at Kungsholmstorg.

This place is a hangout and board game shop combined. When you walk in, you’ll probably find some kids playing Magic the Gathering by the lobby tables, and as you advance into the establishment, a well-stocked game shop appears. Next to it, rows of computers with gamers fully engaged in a World of Warcraft raid or maybe building awesome structures in Minecraft. But the best thing about Dragon’s Lair is that you don’t have to be a hardcore-obscure-games-type of a person in order to enjoy this spot. The staff’s really friendly and even if you’re an absolute beginner, they’ll definitely help you find something you’ll love.

If you’re new to the gaming community, I recommend you pick up a copy of Carcassonne. It’s a wonderful little puzzle game, suitable for both young and old.

Dragon’s lair also arranges courses for worried parents who are scared of these new “videogames that their kids are playing”, where they simply teach the parents how to play. Hence, everyone’s welcome here.

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Susanna from Stockholm

Susanna Sjödin photo

Board game geek and design-junkie, warm and loud. I love Stockholm because it’...

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