Eddie's Flea Market Stockholm

Image by Camilla Gestrin

Eddie’s Flea Market – Old Town’s tiniest gem

Make a detour whilst visiting the Old Town of Stockholm, and criss-cross your way from the main streets to the narrower cobblestoned alleys. Here you’ll find peace enough to stroll around slowly, watch the old buildings, glimpse into windows – and imagine how the people walking the streets back in the day were like. Above all, you’ll encounter Eddie’s Flea Market here – unknown to many.

This teeny-weeny flea market is run by the 70+ years old owner Eddie, who’s had the place for 30 years. Various old stuff is crowding the shelves, and all findings have handwritten tags on them with price and description. Very genuine.

Sometimes his old crooked neighbor keeps an eye on the shop from a chair in the corner reading crosswords, whilst Eddie’s in the backroom taking a nap. He’ll probably encourage you to go down the narrow spiral staircase to the cellar, that once was a prison.

I think it’s rare to find this kind of timeless gems nowadays, that are ignoring that the world is spinning outside the window. For that reason, Eddie’s Flea Market is definitely worth a visit.

(Unfortunately the opening hours you find online are a bit vague. I suggest you pick up the phone and ask; last time I checked it was only open during weekends).

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