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Alan Adojaan (1979)

About me
Foodie, travel addict and extreme sports fan. I eat to be alive, drink to be even more and thrive for new experiences.

I have lived in Denmark, Holland and Brazil. I spend most of my winters in Asia and try not to travel to the same spot twice. The same goes for visiting places. I always prefer to try a new restaurant out instead of going to the same ones many times. Therefore I have been in every venue in Tallinn and am keeping a keen eye on the new ones that are opening up :).

Why Tallinn?
The shiny pearl of the Baltics, a medieval nice old town and parks and suburbs worth discovering. It’s small but diverse and has a lot to offer, a lot to see and a lot to enjoy.

Welcome all to Tallinn, who has been here once, comes back for more ;).

Where can you find me online?

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