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Heldeke – Not your average beer pub

It is not easy to find a bar in Tallinn where making friends and mingling would be as easy as in Heldeke. It has become a popular venue among expats and locals, which might actually be their secret of making the crowd buzz in unison instead of everyone staring at their own pint.

The venue – a vaudeville-style show venue with an exquisite bar – as described on their homepage, is located in Kalamaja district, just a couple of blocks from old town Tallinn. The Heldeke is not open all day every day, check their homepage for specific hours and events – they are really diligent in updating the calendar. The events range from standup comedy, game nights, quizzes, to hosting burlesque shows and Sundays are for Sauna – yes, Heldeke has that too. They are one of the few locations to host open mic nights – if it is your skill, show it there, I dare you!

The bar is well equipped from beers to cocktails, and a respectful selection of hard liquor distilled in Estonia. I usually settle for a Skinny Bitch, simple but oh-so tasty. Food needs some pre-planning – when booking tickets (easily done through their webpage) for an event, you have some snack platters to choose from.
See you in Heldeke, in the audience, or maybe on stage?

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