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Image by Andrei Sinekvan

Tallinn Zoo – Walk in the park

The Tallin Zoo used to be the top attraction for all the kids from outside the city, and also for the locals. I would come from Tartu, so a visit to the zoo was always really on top of the entertainment list when coming to Tallinn. Funny, but it still is. Once a year I always go. The area is quite big, kind of like a forest-park situated out of the centre of town and by the sea. It takes around 2-3 hours to walk through it all.

One of the symbols of the zoo, the polar bear Franz sadly overdosed a couple of years ago. On what, you ask? Tranquilizer, sadly. He managed to escape, but did not get too far. Despite that sad story there are 7,200 other creatures, out of those 1,057 are mammals. Some quite rare species are living here too: snow leopards, who’ve just had cubs, a Chinese alligator, Amur tiger and a black rhinoceros.

I would really suggest it if you have kids in need of some energy draining for the evening. There is a small children Zoo opened every day from 10:00 – 17:00. Also, there is a large shopping centre opposite the zoo, with some restaurants and lots of shops for cooling down from the emotions later. It is called Rocca Al Mare.

The zoo is quieter in winter but some animals are seen more often in those times, like the snow leopard with cubs. Before going you can check out the live cameras from web. 

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Paldiski maantee 145, Tallinn

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09:00 - 17:00 daily


Adult ticket: € 7


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