Pispala Tampere

Image by Julia Lehvonen

Pispala – Streets full of life

I wish I had a house here.

Pispala is definitely one of my favorite Tampere neighborhoods. Narrow streets full of colorful wooden houses and the view towards two lakes makes it a perfect place for Sunday (or any day) stroll. Pispala is on top of a ridge and it has many perfect viewpoints over the city. The most photographed spot is probably the Pyykkimettä spot.

In addition to Pispala’s beautiful surroundings, there are a couple of restaurants, a museum, the oldest public sauna in Finland and the legendary wooden stairs. The Pispala stairs have 310 steps and people like to work out there. Luckily, the stairs are not only for sweating, so you can just climb them up with no rush.

The oldest public sauna, Rajaportti sauna (check the article), has been running in Pispala since 1906 and locals love it. One of the best brunch places, Café Pispala, can be found from this district as well! My point is that Pispala really offers something for everyone.

Pispala is close to the city center so walk, run, cycle, take a bus or go by car, just go there and fall in love with it!

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Pispalanharju, Tampere

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