Ratina Grocer Bistro Tampere

Image by Katja Lehtinen

Ratina Grocer Bistro – Bistro inside a supermarket!

Really really new in town! On 31st of August in 2021, Ratina Grocer Bistro was opened. It is a new kind of way to enjoy lunch or small local bites in the city centre. Ratina Grocer Bistro is located inside a supermarket called Ratina K-supermarket! You can go there to shop local things (the selection is really wide in that supermarket) and have lunch while shopping. Or just go for lunch.

The best things in the bistro are the local fish soup and also the chicken wings (really really popular dish in Tampere!). Chicken wings are a little bit different here, you have to taste them! There are two top chefs, Pasi Lassila and Janne Hyvärinen behind the menu and everything is made in the kitchen by the chefs.

There is also a wide selection of drinks in the bistro – the best non-alcoholic beers in Finland, also good wines, champagne and beers. You wouldn’t believe how good tastes you can get inside the supermarket!

Ratina shopping mall is located in the city centre and K-Supermarket with bistro inside is located in the first floor inside the shopping mall.

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Details about this spot



Vuolteenkatu 1, Tampere

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 16:00


Chicken wings: € 10


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