Art Palace Tbilisi

Image by Maka Tsilikurishvili

Art Palace – The palace of one night

In Tbilisi there are many nice buildings. One of my favorites is located on Kargareteli street and today hosts the Museum of theatre, cinema, music and choreography. In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Kargaretelis street was called Garden Street, because it was filled with trees and gardens. This street is still one of the most significant streets in Tbilisi.

This museum building is one of the most distinctive in the city. According to legend, count Oldenburg built it for his lover, Countess Japaridze. Count Oldenburg was a relative of Russian Emperor Nikolai II and belonged to Tbilisis’s nobility. He was single and desirable for many women. He liked countess Japaridze very much, but she was¬†already married. This fact didn’t stop him from asking her to spend one night with him. That’s why this palace is called “the Palace of One Night” as well. The countess was very insulted by this offer and denied the prince.¬†

According to legend, count Oldenburg then offered her husband — Tariel Dadiani — one million gold coins, in exchange for his wife for one night. Count Oldenburg built this palace for this lover and later wife. The entrance of the museum is called “love tower” since then. You will go up the winding staircase, which is the highlight of the building. This tower has a secret room you can enter only from the rooftop. According to the legend, prince and princess used to meet up there before the official marriage.

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