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Amir Shahzeidi (1995)

About me
I’m a composer/pianist and I study composition at Tbilisi state conservatory. Music is my greatest passion, it’s what I strive for, and what I live for. But it’s not my only passion. I also love literature and writing. I’m a huge bookworm, and philosophy nerd. I bet I can bore you to death with my philosophical rambling. But as boring as it is, I enjoy philosophizing and asking questions about our existence.

One of the reasons I became a Spotter is that I love trying new food, and talking about it. I’m always in search of a new spot.

Why Tbilisi
Tbilisi is my adopted city. It’s where I can find tranquility and harmony. There’s something about the culture, weather, and nature, that takes hold over you. And little by little you fall in love with this city. I hope my articles help you find your perfect spot in Tbilisi.

Where else can you find me online?

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