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Marisha Kazaryan (1979)

About me
I am a budding film and music video director, natural-born linguist, professional music listener and coffee drinker. With a first education in linguistics and a second one in filmmaking, I love telling stories in all possible formats – stories of people, stories of places and things. I speak several languages and continue to learn more. It may sound cliché but I truly believe that traveling pushes the boundaries of your world perception farther to the horizon and helps you discover your own true self. Things that make me happy include dogs, cats, road trips, books, cute stationery, cuddles, more dogs and cats, music, and COFFEE!

Why Tbilisi
Like any tourist destination, Tbilisi gets stereotyped in many ways. I want to try and take you off the beaten path and show the true face of the city. Tbilisi sings a song – I hope you’ll listen to it.

Where else can you find me online?

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