Cafe 144 Tbilisi

Image by Maka Tsilikurishvili

Cafe 144 – Cafe with a nice view

The old town of Tbilisi is situated under the Narikala fortress and because of this the old houses are terraced on the hillsides. The roof of one house was the courtyard of another, so that the inhabitants of all the houses could enjoy the beautiful view over the whole city. In such a house in the old Bethlem district with a terrace and a unique view there is today a very nice cafés called Café 144 stairs.

In the old town there were many stair streets. This café to this day is accessible via the stairs. Yes, you have understood well: to reach this café you have to climb 144 stairs — but it it’s worth it. You will be rewarded with good food and an excellent view. It’s a great pleasure in the evening to sit on the terrace and watch how the lights are slowly switched on in the city when it’s getting dark.

In the menu you can find traditional Georgian dishes as well as international European food. Their Khatchapuri (Georgian cheese bread), Caesar salad and Lava cake are very delicious.

One more insider tip from me: when the weather plays along you can catch a glimpse of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Namely, you can see its legendary peak of Kasbekn which with its 5047m is one of the highest mountains in Georgia. This ice-covered extinguished volcano is exactly the mountain where the ancient Greek legendary figure Prometheus was tied.

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27 Betlemi Str., Tbilisi

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12:00 - 03:00 daily


Main from: GEL 30

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