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Chela Funicular Restaurant – Georgian kebab rocks

Chela Restaurant is part of the Funicular complex located at the top of mount Mtatsminda overlooking Tbilisi. There are two main ways to reach the Funicular complex: one way is by road, via a car or public transport. Or (my favorite way) you can take the tram up to the Mtatsminda plateau. Funicular’s tramway dates to 1905 and it’s been running ever since. Once you reach Mtatsminda park, you can enter the Chela restaurant.

I don’t think I only like this restaurant for its great dishes or friendly staff. Taking a tram to get to this place is something special, as is looking over the whole of Tbilisi and inhaling clean, fresh air. I think these subtle things make this place so special.

Chela is not the best place for a vegan, since all the dishes are meat-based. At Chela restaurant you can feast on the greatest traditional Georgian Kebabs and steaks. Their “show kitchen” makes it possible for you to see your dish being prepared, which is always splendid.

My favorite dish is Chela’s mix BBQ, which includes charcoal grilled pork, veal and chicken with pickles and Tkemali sauce (a traditional Georgian sauce).

If you have a chance to come to Tbilisi, be sure to go to the Funicular complex. From there you can enjoy the Mtatsminda amusement park (check out the article) and visit the old Mama Daviti Church, and most of all dine at the Chela restaurant.

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Mtatsminda plateau, Tbilisi

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13:00 - 04:00 daily


Chela's mix BBQ: GEL 45


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