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Image by Maka Tsilikurishvili

Restaurant Bread House – Georgian restaurant

Tbilisi is full of nice restaurant and of course among them are some that are most beloved by locals as well as foreign guests. Exactly such a restaurant is Bread House or Puris Sakhli (პურის სახლი) in Georgian.

Bread House is located in the Old Town, next to the Abanotubani (bath district). The restaurant is quite large, with nice terraces and balconies on the second floor. Directly at the entrance you can see the big and deep circular clay oven called “Tone” (tone). Exactly in this clay oven the restaurant bakes its own bread, in accordance with traditional Georgian technology and recipe. This bread is called as shotis puri ot tonis puri. The whole restaurant smells of newly baked bread and whets your appetite.

Fresh baked shoti goes well with Georgian cheese, cucumbers and tomato salad and pkhali (Georgian appetizer made with herbs and walnuts) such as with spinach, beetroot leaves, cabbage etc. and of course eggplant – “Nigvziani Badrijani” – with walnut filling. Gebzhalia is my favorite – soft cheese rolls stuffed with curd cheese and mint, its really very tasty. As a main dish you can try Shkmeruli – fried chicken in creamy garlic sauce becomes even more delicious if cooked in a clay pan “Ketsi.

Visit Bread House and enjoy good Georgian cuisine. Combine all this with good Georgian wine and listen at dinner to the polyphonic Georgian music, which the restaurant offers every evening.

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Details about this spot



7 Vakhtang Gorgasali Street, Tbilisi

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Opening Times

11:00 - 00:00 daily


Main course: GEL 30


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