Sculpture of the Toast Master Tbilisi

Image by Maka Tsilikurishvili

Sculpture of the Toast Master – Tamada

The Georgians are very traditional. Among many important traditions are of course those that are most important. Such a tradition is Tamada – the toast master.

In the old town you can find the sculpture of a man holding a horn in his hand. This figure precisely is Tamada. It is a copy: the original, which was found through archaeological excavations, is kept in the museum. The horn comes from Pagan times, when the pagan idols were worshiped. The main idol was the moon. The people sacrificed bulls to him, because their horns had a crescent form and thus they were seen as sacred animals. Today you can find the horns for drinking in souvenir shops and special toasts are drunk from the horns.

Holding a feast is not so easy: Tamada has to supervise the feast, follow the toasts, tell jokes or funny stories. He is very important person, the whole mood depends on him, how the feast goes.

There are certain rules in toasts making. The first toast is always for God. This story is often told: after the creation of the world, God divided the Earth among the people. Georgians were late because on the road they have been drinking for God, peace and so on. By the moment they arrived, the entire world had already been divided, but God reserved a small plot for himself and he decided to give it to the Georgians. According to this legend, Georgia is Paradise.

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