Allenby-Rothschild Corner Tel Aviv

Image by Igor Lenivtsev

Allenby-Rothschild Corner – Strategically iconic

It’s most likely you’re gonna cross this spot at least a couple of times during you stay in TLV. It may sound like a cliche but basically all the roads lead here and from this point you can get to everywhere – to the beach, to Habima Theater, to Neve Tzedek and Jaffa and of course to the Wild South of TLV. 

I consider this crossroads as the very central spot of the city and every other location in the city, central or not, as referring to this spot. If you like to feel the city rhythm, look no further! People rushing to their destination here 24/7 it makes it an amazing spot for people watching. 

Sometimes I just get a double espresso from Gili’s Kiosk and catch a place on the Rothschild boulevard branch and enjoy the view. I’m not a expert in architecture but I can appreciate the beauty around me:

1. Allenby 118 – built in 1921 in an eclectic style, it later became the first hotel in TLV. Recently it was renovated and I can’t take my eyes from it every time I am around

2 Rothschild 36, a recent addition to TLV cityscape – 42 floors of Meier On Rothchild were built in the late modernist trend. It’s luxury resident tower with vibrant indoor food market (check out my MenTenTen spot)

3. Allenby 116 and 114 – while 116 may look not so well maintained, 114 has been completely restored and its stunning

4. Rothschild 22 is 200 meters away, but you can spot the top of the tower behind the low rise houses.

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Rothschild 36, Tel Aviv

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24 hours daily
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