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Ari Farber (1984)

About me
A massage therapist & a small business owner, a wanderer in my soul & a walking contradiction. “It’s nice to meet you too!”

Born in Tel-Aviv (a rare occurrence) my family moved away from Tel-Aviv during my early childhood & I moved right back here in my early twenties and fell madly in love with this beautiful crazy city.

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2007 and I LOVE my job. I have a small women’s only clinic in the heart of Tel-Aviv. And I’m grateful for my clients for the opportunity to do what I love. It leaves ample time for my other loves such as wandering the streets of my beautiful city and planning my next holiday!

An avid traveler, I try to get around and go see and do everything…

Tel Aviv is my home, let me share it with you

Why Tel Aviv?
Tel Aviv has its own special life force and energy. Everything is happening and it’s happening now. Tel Aviv has absolutely everything on offer and you don’t need to go far away to get it.

There’s nowhere quite like this city anywhere else. The people are so so nice (except when driving), anyone will be happy to give you directions or a helping hand.

Where can you find me online?
My clinic The Good Life

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