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Igor Lenivtsev (1984)

About me
White collar during daytime, desperate instagrammer and urban explorer the rest of the time. When I was 19, I moved to sunny Israel from cold Siberia, served in IDF, completed my BA degree. Since then I’ve been living a grown up’s life – working hard and spending all the saved money on traveling to treat the curious child living inside me.

Addicted to capturing everyday moments and sharing them with the world via Instagram. Dream about making a world trip one day.

Why Tel Aviv?
I love traveling around the world but I am always happy to be back in Tel Aviv every time. Tel Aviv has so much to offer, it’s a unique, one of a kind, 24/7 city in the Middle East. But you have to know where all the magic happens. TGIF (Thanks God It’s Friday) gets a very special vibe in Tel Aviv, you can’t experience it anywhere else.

I love TLV for being gay-friendly, straight-friendly, dog-friendly,vegan-friendly, foodporn-friendly, hipster-friendly, who-cares-friendly and what-so-ever friendly. Some of my spots will prove to you that it can also be budget-friendly.

Where can you find me online?

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