Ben Tsiyon Boulevard Tel Aviv

Image by Idan Dardikman

Ben Tsiyon Boulevard – Dogs and picnics

Everyone knows about Rothschild boulevard, the central boulevard of Tel Aviv. But the city has a few other boulevards that are really nice to walk on and that you don’t wanna miss.

One of them is Ben Tsiyon boulevard. It’s short but also super central: It starts in Habima square, right next to the beginning of Rothschild, and continues all the way to Dizingoff center, Tel Aviv’s oldest shopping mall. It’s full of flowers, trees and green grass on both sides.

It has a large kiosk calld “Habima cafe”, but other than that it’s pretty relaxed. You can come at any time and find people walking their dogs, biking or just sitting on a bench with a book.

On Friday mornings lots of people sitting on a blanket or just on the green grass in one of its sides, with a bottle of wine or coffee, bread and cheese that they buy in one of the great coffee shops and bakeries in the area, and enjoy a nice picnic in the middle of this hectic area. There are also street players and singers and if you’re lucky, you’ll run into the show of a really good one!

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Ben Tsiyon Boulevard, Tel Aviv

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