Best Tel Aviv Blogs 2021 – Selected by Locals!

We asked our own Tel Aviv bloggers about their favorite independent Tel Aviv blogs & websites in 2021. Here are their tips in alphabetical order!

Be in Israel

A Tel Aviv local blog isn’t the kind of blog you would expect to be in Russian. However, Be in Israel (in Russian – translation here) is a rare and exciting blog all about Israel and, more specifically, Tel Aviv. This blog focuses mainly on the culture and lifestyle of the city, with occasional guides and travel advice.

Proud Hippie Boy

Are you interested in LGBTQ+ culture in the city? Do you enjoy learning about local cultures? Want interesting tips and tricks for traveling through the Israelian capital? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then go ahead and take a peek at Proud Hippie Boy blog! This blog is run by Kristof Steiner and offers readers an interesting and intimate look into the city of Tel Aviv and Israel in general, through its gay culture, food culture, party areas, and much more.

Secret Tel Aviv

If you’re someone who is interested in finding out all the local secrets and hidden places within Tel Aviv, then Secret Tel Aviv is the blog for you! This local independent blog posts regularly about some of the best kept, and sometimes worst kept, secrets of Tel Aviv, from events and places to check out to bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops. The posts found on this blog are diverse and provide readers with a closer look at interesting places, events, and restaurants to go to!

Tel Aveat

This blog is for our fellow foodies. Whether you’re fancying an ice cream, burgers, or some delicious pastries: Tel Aveat tells you where to go. They’ve got different kinds of categories, either by food type or by occasion. The map makes it easy to get an overview when you’re looking in a particular part of the city.

Time out

Focussed on culture and food, Time out aspires to bring the best Israel has to offer under one roof. They have a concept similar to ours. All the best places to visit get curated by local writers and journalists who know where to find the best. They write about multiple destinations around the world.

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