Buxsa Bar Tel Aviv

Image by Meital Dayan

Buxsa Bar – Unless you’ve got pediphobia

Buxsa Bar is an underground artistic bar that’s located on the popular Rothschild Boulevard and offers a different drinking experience.

When I heard about the Buxsa the first time, it was because of its interior design, which includes dozens of dolls. As expected from any collection of dolls, some of them should really consider a career in horror movies (it’s really only the minority of them. Most of them are cute), but even the evil ones mixed well with the colors (mostly red) and the light (pretty dark, but in a nice way).

The music in Buxka Bar is a live set played by DJs. The genres might change, but it’s always going to be edgy and challenging. Besides the drinks, there is a nice food menu that offers much more than the usual fries and edamame you’re used to.

Buxsa is a speaker in Hebrew (formally it’s some type of wrench, but I’ve never heard someone use it for that). Maybe it’s because the owner wanted to declare his music passion. Whether true or not, the music is really good, so I guess it’s doesn’t really matter.

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Details about this spot



Rothschild 31, Tel Aviv

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Opening Times

21:00 - 05:00 daily


Draught Beer: ILS 35

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