Eshet Chayil Tel Aviv

Image by Noa Kind

Eshet Chayil – Vintage clothing store

One of my favorite things in Tel Aviv – after the food, of course – is vintage clothes hunting. Tel Aviv is full of small, hidden vintage places, and some of them have really nice items and good prices as well. Eshet Chayil is one of them (try saying that a few times nonstop). The name is taken from a Jewish prayer that talks about the great qualities of women, and the meaning is something like wonder woman. I like it already!

The store is located in Tshernichovski street, right behind Betzalel market – the cheapest market around. so you can just add it to your shopping list when you go treasure hunting. The place is very welcoming, thanks to the colorful design and the nice seller. Some of the pieces are “real” vintage (from the eighties or before) and some are second hand in good shape. The prices are really good; most of the items cost 10-100 NIS.

They have a wide variety of styles: vintage Lee or Levis high waist jeans, vintage white shirts and dresses like our grandmas used to wear, or sport-style items like Adidas. They also have accessories like shoes, bags and jewelries. They even have a home decor section with vintage items like handmade plates. And unlike most of the stores, they also have items for men!

If you’re into vintage fashion, don’t miss this place 🙂

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Tchernichovsky 3, Tel Aviv

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Sun - Thu 10:00 - 19:00, Fri 10:00 - 17:00


Shirt: ILS 30

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